1. What is a cat colony?
  2. What is a feral cat?
  3. How long does it take to become a veterinarian?
  4. Why is it important to care for homeless cats?
  5. Cats know how to hunt. Can’t they take care of themselves?
  6. What are some tips for traveling with a cat?
  7. How is a cat colony managed?
  8. What is TNR?
  9. Are there techniques for successful TNR?
  10. Where do feral cats come from?
  11. Can feral cats be tamed?
  12. What is a cat likely to do all day outside by herself?
  13. What can cause someone to have no fingerprints?
  14. What’s the procedure for dislodging an object that’s stuck in a cat’s throat?
  15. Why do people get involved with feral cat colonies?
  16. What really goes on in a cat hoarding situation?
  17. Are cats intuitive?
  18. How are cats likely to use their instincts?
  19. What are some of the most unusual characteristics in cats?
  20. How can a cat help in a rescue situation?
  21. How does one retrace the steps of a cat who’s on the prowl?
  22. Is there such a thing as a kepto cat?
  23. What are some unusual methods crime investigators might use animals?
  24. Can a cat be useful as a therapy pet?
  25. What are some of the ways a cat can be used as a therapy pet?
  26. Can you train a cat to a harness and leash?
  27. What are some important ways anyone can help homeless cats?
  28. Why do so many people discourage indiscriminate breeding in cats?
  29. Can a cat sense when someone dislikes them?
  30. Is milk good for all cats?
  31. Do all cats have the same traits and characteristics?
  32. What’s the best way for a cat to ride on the back of a horse?
  33. Cats seem to read our thoughts. How do they do that?
  34. What inspires friendship between animals-a cat and a horse, for example?
  35. Are there local and state ordinances related to cats?
  36. What are some of the outdoor dangers for cats?
  37. What is the procedure for a feral cat once it has been trapped?
  38. What sort of traps are used for cats?
  39. What’s the difference between a crow and a raven?
  40. What are some of the warning signs that your cat is sick?
  41. Why are cats sometimes associated with witchcraft?
  42. Can a cat climb a ladder?
  43. What are some of the ways a cat perceives the world around him?
  44. Are all cat toys safe for all cats?
  45. What is the best way to play with a kitten?
  46. What are some of the indoor dangers for cats and kittens?
  47. Do all cats hate getting wet?
  48. Are a cat’s paw pads made for walking great distances?
  49. What are some of the many ways a curious cat can get into trouble?
  50. What about unusual breeds of cats and their interesting characteristics?
  51. What’s the safest way to travel with a cat by car?
  52. What’s a klepto cat’s stash?
  53. Can a cat communicate his approval or dislike for another animal or a person?
  54. Is there such a thing as a cat’s memoir?
  55. How does a cat participate in a book signing?
  56. What are some of the methods cats use to get your attention?
  57. How does a klepto cat (or cat burglar) operate?
  58. Where can I find a good recipe for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich?
  59. Why do horses stand out in the rain?
  60. How do horses deal with the wind?
  61. What’s the best snack for a horse?
  62. How important is creativity to the human being?
  63. Can animal blood be distinguished from human blood?
  64. What type of behavior can you expect from a cat who’s away from home?
  65. Is chocolate good for a cat?
  66. What’s included in a fertility diet for a human?
  67. How can you keep your cat safe out of doors?
  68. What are some keen outdoor “catio” ideas?
  69. How is a cat colony managed?
  70. How does a cat rescue shelter operate?
  71. What are some of the elements of a good relationship?
  72. Are there things a pregnant woman should not eat?
  73. What are some of the emergencies a veterinarian might encounter?
  74. Why would someone steal a horse or a cat?
  75. Is Patricia Fry a good storyteller-writer?