Hi dear, sweet, beautiful Patricia Fry…..I just finished reading your awesome book “Calico Calamities” and just like all of the rest of your super awesome books in this series I absolutely loved it! And of how precious Olivia is! Her and cute Rags make quite an exciting team! Sure hope Olivia will be in more books ! And let me tell you that I am so very glad you chose to use the awesome cute and beautiful picture of you and your precious Olivia on the back cover….it’s fabulous! I love all the books in this awesome series and can’t wait for the next one! The Ivey family and Rags are just like family to me! You totally ROCK Patricia! Hugs

Beverly Anne Linn Gu

“Thank you for your books I have loved them from book one. I started reading them at a very dark time in my life and now reading is what keeps me from going nuts. I have no other words but THANK YOU. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Have a great day.

A Fan

I have listened to both audio books several times and am sure I will continue playing them over time. I enjoy both versions of Catnapped. All of your books are friends I visit over and over. You are one of my favorite authors.


I’ve been trying to find you on Facebook with no luck, then I found this address.

i have wanted to compliment you on this fabulous series. I have a klepto cat of my own. He is not so adventurous as Rags.

I love this series. they are well told, keep your interest to the end and make you look anxiouslyfor the next book. I’m a great fan of your style. So many writers solve the murder in the book, but don’t finish the back story so we are always left with what became of the characters?

I love the fact that there is not a murder in every book. A lot of writers think there has to be a murder to make it a mystery, but there are so many other things that make a mystery, burglary, robbing banks, or like a Picture Purrfect Christmas, #13, a kidnapping. I went thru a lot of kleenex in the last couple chapters. I thought the girls would end up with Arthur & his girlfriend but grandparents are a great ending.

You have a very gifted style of storytelling. I was quite pleased when I discovered your series,especially when I realized there were 47 books in the series.I’m disabled and i read a lot, your series should last me a couple weeks.

keep up the good work, i recommend you to everyone i talk to.

Hope the holiday brings you love and happiness


I just love Rags. He’s so unique and special and what a rascal.


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Thank you for all the enjoyment you have brought me through your Klepto Cat stories. I was lucky enough to see a blurb about your series in Kindle (Amazon). When I finished a book in a different series several years ago, I decided to try reading the first few books (of the Klepto Cat Mysteries) and never looked back. Here I am 45 books later still as enthralled as when I started. The only downsides are being envious of Savannah’s ability to juggle so many balls at once without (usually) dropping any, and not always realizing immediately that a new book is available. I will sign up for your Catscapades blog site to get better notice of new books, and continue to wonder if anyone could really do everything Savannah does! Thanks again for writing your catitude rich books.


I loved your newest book, but especially the section about realizing that real cats will NOT act like Rags. I never thought about people adopting a cat and expecting more than what is really possible. Having them then abuse or abandon their cat is all too horrible an idea, but not everyone is as fond of animals as we are. Hopefully your words will prevent at least a few dire situations which is a wonderful prospect. How you keep writing these intriguing stories is beyond me, but it certainly adds to the pleasure your fans feel as they read them.

I sometimes miss the publishing of a new book for up to a few weeks and I hate to wait for your new Ragscapades! Thanks again for your latest book, and I am eager for the next and the next, etc.


Hi Patricia: I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your books. I am totally addicted to Rags & his family! I hope you keep on writing!


You might get a kick out of this. I thought it was interesting. In one of your books someone mentioned a cat getting feline acne from their food bowls. Both of my cats have black stuff on their chins. And I thought, maybe that’s what they have. So I looked it up online tonight and of course you know that is what they have!

So you have helped my kitties and you didn’t even know it. They have stainless steel bowls but I washed them good with soap and water tonight and tomorrow I think I am going to try and clean their chins with a little peroxide if they will let me. So now I have something else to thank you for! LOL,

Sonya R.