KLEPTO CAT MYSTERIES  – The Books in the Cozy Cat Mystery Series


Catnapped – Book 1

When Savannah Jordan agrees to help her aunt while she recovers from a broken foot, she doesn’t expect to walk into a mystery, become part of a not-quite-legal surveillance team, be kidnapped by a deranged stranger and meet a steaming hot veterinarian. Beloved neighborhood cats are missing—the community can only guess at their fate—and Aunt Margaret’s life is being threatened. Is it because she has a clue to the missing cats or is it something more sinister?

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Cat Eye Witness, A Klepto Cat Mystery

Cat-Eye Witness – Book 2

Savannah and Aunt Margaret open the old Forster home to the Hammond Cat Alliance for a fundraiser to help rehabilitate the abused horses rescued months earlier from the catnappers. Before the afternoon is over, the collected funds go missing and someone is murdered in an upstairs bedroom.

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Sleight of Paw – Book 3

Michael Ivey, the local veterinarian and Savannah’s new husband is attacked by an enraged client and then later accused of this man’s murder. The evidence quickly stacks up against Michael, until Rags, Savannah’s kleptomaniac cat, starts digging up clues implicating the unlikely suspect.

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Undercover Cat – Book 4

A popular local journalist goes missing just before she has the opportunity to turn in her story exposing unscrupulous cat hoarders. Not only is Colbi a friend of Savannah and Michael Ivey, Damon (now out of prison and employed by the local newspaper) has a strong personal interest in her. In fact, Damon breaks some rules and some trusts in his search for Colbi.

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The Colony Cat Caper – Book 5

Savannah Ivey, a veterinarian out on maternity leave; her aunt Margaret, the founder of the Hammond Cat Alliance; and Colbi Stanton, a reporter for the local newspaper take on a cat colony at an old, abandoned building. Odd activity around the place makes them wonder if it actually is vacant; some believe it’s occupied by something other-worldly.

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Celebrity Cat Caper – Book 6

Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, opens up a whole new bag of tricks, when he becomes a therapy cat in a children’s reading program. A documentary film crew arrives to capture the cat in action and they get more than they bargained for. Find out how Rags handles his sudden celebrity status.

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The Corral Cat Caper – Book 7

Savannah Ivey’s horse goes missing and Rags, the klepto cat, goes into mourning. Savannah and her friends spend days on horseback searching for Peaches over miles of dense wilderness. Along with a few dead-end clues, they stumble upon Elsie, a most unusual elderly woman living under dangerously primitive conditions. Elsie harbors secrets-some of which may lead to the recovery of Savannah’s horse, but only after Rags puts his claws into the matter and Detective Craig Sledge gets involved.

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The Gallery Cat Caper – Book 8

An old friend of Michael’s, who has become a successful artist, invites the entire Ivey family to his beach house. But their vacation is not all fun-and-games. It appears that someone is out to get the artist; and the Iveys and their friends keep stumbling upon clues to the tangled mystery.

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Mansion of Meows – Book 9

Rags’s documentary is scheduled to debut. The showing will take place at the investor’s San Francisco mansion, where the Ivey family and film crew will stay. Of course, the mansion holds secrets and Rags is instrumental in letting the cats out of the bag.

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PAWtners in Crime – Book 10

When Michael and Savannah invite young burn victim and heir Arthur Spence into their home, they don’t expect danger to follow. The sensationalism around his family’s dark secrets have the paparazzi in a photo-snapping frenzy and the young man isn’t yet equipped to deal with their shenanigans. Are they issuing the unnerving threats to Arthur’s life, or is it a beloved family member?

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PAWSitively Sinister – Book 11

The Ivey family travel to San Francisco to help Arthur and his long-time friend, Suzette, clean out the mansion. News of the massive estate sale lures a variety of people, including former residents and long-ago visitors, each carrying stories of bizarre activities occurring there in the past.

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The Purrfect Lie – Book 12

When the Iveys and the Sheridans find a deathbed confession letter, Savannah and her Aunt Margaret spring into action. Is Savannah’s imagination playing tricks on her or has she stumbled upon the unaware kidnap victim mentioned in the letter? In the meantime, there’s trouble at the Sheridans’ cat shelter and Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, leaps right into the middle of the tangled mess.

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A Picture Purrfect Christmas – Book 13

A spellbinding story of love, hope, and a child’s innocent Christmas dreams. When Savannah Ivey agrees to teach photography to a group of at-risk children, she doesn’t expect a sweet-spirited little crippled girl to steal her heart and become an important part of her family. Even Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, is captivated by the child named Marissa. When she goes missing, everyone, including Rags, experiences the pain of loss.

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Meow for the Money

Meow for the Money – Book 14

In this story, Rags, the klepto cat, saves a beautiful Himalayan when he finds her near death one chilly night. Did this pampered kitty escape or was she abducted? Her wealthy owner, June Balcomb, can only guess. June is so grateful to Rags that she embraces the entire Ivey family, and Savannah and Rags become frequent visitors at the Balcomb estate.

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Claws for a Cause

Claws for a Cause – Book 15

Just when Michael and Savannah Ivey think their tropical vacation is over, a stranger arrives from the islands with demands they cannot fulfill. Imminent danger follows as a frantic search for the mysterious missing item ensues. Savannah is drawn into a friend’s dilemma when Colbi’s long-lost brother returns—an event that becomes personal for Savannah.

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Cabin FURvor – Book 16

A girls’ fun getaway weekend quickly becomes something that would rival any Fright Night flick. The women run into the infamous mountain monster, they’re visited by an escaped kidnap victim, and they’re privy to rumors of a deranged serial killer who may live secretly in their cabin.

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A MEOWvelous Witness, Book 17

In this story, Rags, the klepto cat, saves a beautiful Himalayan when he finds her near death one chilly night. Did this pampered kitty escape or was she abducted? Her wealthy owner, June Balcomb, can only guess. June is so grateful to Rags that she embraces the entire Ivey family, and Savannah and Rags become frequent visitors at the Balcomb estate.

It doesn’t take Savannah long to realize someone close to June is out to harm her. The plot thickens when those June relies on most come under attack, her grandnephew is kidnapped, her attorney stabbed, and a trusted employee dies. When someone attempts to poison one of her cats, June agrees to bring in a whole new staff – all friends of the Iveys. Against the advice of others, she also hires a young woman who was only recently released from jail. Will things calm down for June once she has sent her staff and relatives away? Not until Detective Craig and Savannah, with a lot of help from Rags, start stirring things up/

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Cats In Cahoots

Cats in Cahoots, Book 18

Strange things are happening in Savannah and Michael Iveys’ neighborhood. Items are going missing; some of them mysteriously reappearing. Rags, the klepto cat, is caught pilfering some of the small stuff, but who or what is carrying off the larger objects and why? Is the horse involved or do the new kids on the block have sticky fingers? Perhaps Rags’s new feline friend, the golden girl, is a mystical being.

In the meantime, when Michael volunteers in an out of state animal abuse case, Savannah invites her sister and mother to spend the week at the Ivey home and the women soon find themselves hostages of angry jewel thieves. A cousin Savannah hasn’t seen since they were children arrives with her family and a pleasant outing becomes a close call for Savannah and her baby, Lily. A mysterious young man courageously thwarts tragedy that day, then runs off before he can be identified. It takes a child to solve the neighborhood thievery and to reveal the identity of the true hero in this story. You’ll delight at the feel-good ending to this light mystery.

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The Amazing Catventure, Book 19

Savannah and Michael Ivey happily agree that they’ll enjoy a rare quiet and relaxing summer. Little did they know, however, that their pact would soon be broken, as another mystery was unfolding at that very moment—one that would shock the entire community, cause a major disturbance in their quiet neighborhood, and, of course, involve their venturesome cat. Ever wonder what it would be like to put a GoPro on your cat? Follow along as Rags and Dolly launch out on the cat-venture of their lives with some startling consequences and amazing discoveries. And most of the action is caught on camera.

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By Cat or By Crook, Book 20

Iris continues her refurbishing work at the grand old Kaiser home, but things aren’t going smoothly. Is she being stalked or is she simply spooked by what she hears at night kicking around in the attic? She certainly didn’t expect to hire gravediggers, nor did she anticipate the discovery of a large fortune amidst the chaos and mayhem at the old mobster hangout. Of course, Rags, the klepto cat, is on duty. He helps to reveal some decades-old family secrets and he finds a murderer’s calling card in the most unexpected place.

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Merriment, Mayhem & Meows – Book 21

Iris finishes renovating the Kaiser Bed-And-Breakfast, but the inn’s not complete until Rags chooses a charming array of cuddle cats for overnight guests to enjoy. Before the official opening, however, Iris loses her business partner to unusual circumstances and she calls on friends to help her run the place. That’s when pandemonium shatters the calm.

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A Christmas to Purr About – Book 22

The Ivey family and friends agree to serve the hungry during the holidays, but not without serious consequences that require a little feline and equine intervention. Detective Craig goes missing, Rags is accused of grand theft and malicious mischief, Savannah is harassed and nearly arrested, Michael has a surprise reunion to beat all reunions, and Peaches facilitates a Christmas miracle.

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Cattywampus Travels

Cattywampus Travels – Book 23

A rollercoaster ride of kitty-cat escapades. Rags accompanies his human family and friends on an extended vacation and manages to find plenty of trouble along the way. But, in typical Rags fashion, he also discovers ways to help in the most unexpected manner. Follow Rags on his first book-signing tour.

Get ready for his first cross-country flight. Tag along with this most unpredictable cat as he meets new people and manages to touch their lives as only Rags can do.

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Cats in the Belfry

Cats in the Belfry – Book 24

Rags goes a paw beyond in solving this mystery.

Savannah and Margaret take on a large cat colony at an abandoned seminary. With Rags’s help, they find more than cats in the belfry. Is it real or simply illusion? No one knows for sure, even after Rags is attacked by something from above, a body is discovered, and Rags and Savannah are held captive. Will an evening in the bell tower shed some light on the chilling mystery?

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CATalyst for Clues, A Klepto cat Mystery, Book 25

CATalyst for Clues – Book 25

Rags breaks all the rules and unravels a tantalizing mystery.
When Savannah receives a ransom note, she teams up with Detective Craig Sledge to discover who’s holding her sister, Brianna. But Rags, the Klepto Cat, becomes the catalyst in finding her. You’ll delight at his covert strategy and intricate undercover work, as he misbehaves his way to another successful outcome.

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Perilous PURRsuit

Perilous PURRsuit – Book 26

The klepto cat participates in a thrilling purrsuit.
Michael Ivey and his brother, Keith, launch a search for their elusive, recluse father in the mountains of Colorado. With Rags’s help, they find themselves facing unexpected challenges at every turn. The drama accelerates when a local mountain man is accused of murder and an apparent thief moves into the area. Follow along as Rags leads the two families on a wilderness adventure full of mystery and surprises.

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Perilous PURRsuit

Secrets, Trickery and Meows – Book 27

Rags ups his game when he discovers clues to a seventy-year-old crime.
Rags leads his family to a missing cat and, despite serious challenges, saves her from certain death. A friendship develops and Rags drags Lucy-kitty into the discovery of the century. Everyone’s on edge when threats appear from out of nowhere and they’re baffled by the appearance of exquisite vintage jewelry. When Savannah and her sister-in-law, Holly, can’t leave well enough alone, they, along with Rags and Lucy, become tangled in a web of mystery and suspense. But there are more questions than answers as the case and the clues seem to follow the Iveys back to California. Who blew up the Airbnb the Iveys had rented in Colorado? Who took the stash of exquisite jewelry from the obvious hiding place? Is the man Savannah suspects behind the blatant crimes or is it someone she is yet to meet? This story will entertain, amuse, and tantalize you.

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ImPAWssible Mission, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 28

The ImPAWssible Mission – Book 28

Rags claws his way into more mischief .

Savannah and her unpredictable klepto cat, Rags, help the detective in his search for valuable antique jewelry. Who took it, who has it, who does it actually belong to? Follow Rags and his humans as they uncover long-held secrets in some of the most unexpected places and meet the people who harbor them. As the mystery unfolds, Rags continues to lead the charge to some startling discoveries and toward a most unexpected conclusion.

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Meowmoirs of a Klepto Cat

Meowmoirs of a Klepto Cat – Book 29

This is the life story of Rags, the amazing, precocious cat who stars in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. Read about his precarious kittenhood. Marvel at some of his intriguing and touching teenage escapades. And delight in revisiting many of his more recent adventures. Rags is a cat with a purpose. While some people believe it’s to cause chaos, others see this feline as a knight in furry armor. If we could get into Rags’s head, however, we’d probably see that it’s filled with butterflies and trinkets. Yes, he marches along in life to the beat of a different drummer and leaves behind an assortment of reactions. Is Rags clever or naïve, intuitive or fluky, smart or lucky? And does it really matter? One thing’s for sure, he makes an impression wherever he goes and that’s just the way his fans like it.

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Reveng at its -Felinest

Revenge at its Felinest – Book 30

Rags answers the call to action with paw-some results.

Family and friends are stunned when Savannah and Rochelle disappear without a trace. Is this a random abduction or an act of revenge? While everyone scrambles to find answers, Rags stumbles upon possible clues to their whereabouts and he leads the charge to find them. At the same time, Iris searches for answers to an ancient curse that has disrupted the peace in their new home. What odd omen was left there and why are strangers threatening to bulldoze their property? Can Rags help untangle this eerie mystery and bring harmony to the neighborhood?

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FURever Bound, A Klepto Cat Mystery

FURever Bound – Book 31

Rags brings his big purrsonality to help solve this puzzling mystery.

Things aren’t what they seem when Savannah expresses an interest in an old abandoned house, Iris believes there’s a spirit being living in her new home, and the two of them become involved in a forty-five-year-old missing person case. This haunting story will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Prepare for thrills, hilarity, suspense, and stirring moments. Of course Rags is the catalyst that pulls the pieces to a difficult puzzle together when he leaves his mark on the villain and helps to reconcile a painful past for two lovers.

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Cats Don't Squeal

Cats Don’t Squeal – Book 32

The klepto cat digs up a new kind of trouble.Rags enjoys a summer beach vacation with family and friends, but it isn’t all sunshine and gentle breezes. The wily cat makes a shocking discovery that puts Savannah’s freedom in jeopardy and puts Detective Craig on high alert.

Will the detective be able to unravel the mystery that Rags has dug up in time to save Savannah? Can Rags help her out of this mess?

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The Secret Claw, A Klepto Cat Mystery

The Secret Claw – Book 33

Rags knows no bounds.

The Ivey and Pettit families look forward to spending their last vacation days together relaxing at a mountain cabin, but Rags has other ideas. It doesn’t take him long to change the flow of events and everyone’s plans. Rags unveils a secret and immediately involves his humans in a whirlwind of intrigue. While everyone looks forward to an exciting program at the church among the pines where certain mysteries will be explained, the unruly cat goes missing. He puts Savannah and Detective Craig in danger, he causes a near forest fire, but it’s because of Rags that the show goes on and the mischievous cat becomes the star. However, before he can be celebrated, he is taken and held for ransom. What happens next stuns the entire community. Will Rags live to appear in another Klepto Cat Mystery?

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FURever Friends, Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 34

FURever Friends – Book 34

Rags keeps the action and suspense going.

When the Iveys agree to board half-dozen horses, they didn’t expect to be caught up in an evil rip-roaring, wild-west plot. One of the horses is threatened, putting those who care for him in danger, but leave it to Rags to take the upper paw with the outlaws. His heroism doesn’t stop there. An exotic cat visits the Iveys and becomes just a little too adventurous. Rags’s over-the-top curiosity and purrfect timing averts a tragedy. As if the klepto cat isn’t busy enough, he’s invited to a cat conference and attends a cat show in the same hotel. When a valuable Persian cat disappears, Rags wastes no time in pawing the culprit. This action-packed story also features some sweet moments that you won’t soon forget.

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On the Wrong Side of the Paw

On the Wrong Side of the Paw – Book 35

The klepto cat digs up a long-held secret.

While helping to manage a colony of homeless cats, Rags uncovers what could be clues to an old mystery. In this story, not only does Rags rescue a toddler from a precarious situation, he nearly loses his life saving a litter of kittens, he diagnosis another cat’s ailment in time to get him the proper treatment, and he paws the culprit in a decades old crime.

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A Whisker Of Truth

A Whisker of Truth – Book 36

An enjoyable weekend with Rochelle and Peter quickly turns frightening for Savannah when Rags vanishes inside an old building that’s scheduled for demolition. Everyone goes on high-alert, even a small parrot that has befriended Rags. The scramble to find him accelerates when a street urchin delivers a possible new clue—could Rochelle’s old nemesis be involved? A spontaneous decision to visit a local mansion sheds new light on Rags’s whereabouts, but it takes some fancy footwork and a little help from local authorities to release the imprisoned cat, who had been looked after by a large bird of the night. But it’s not over. Rags is forced to locate a treasure for his captor and inadvertently exposes this person as a murderer. A victim of revenge, Rags’s life is threatened again, and everyone is surprised when his feathered friends courageously come to his rescue.

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Cats and Caboodle

Cats and Caboodle – Book 37

Rags wears many hats in this action-packed mystery.

While he bravely serves as a therapy cat for street pets and helps to heal a potentially dangerous family issue, Rags’s most important role in this story is untangling a messy cat mystery. Cats seem to be coming out of the woodwork at the Kaiser Inn. No one knows where they’re coming from or where they’re going. Even Caroline, the cat psychic, is puzzled, until the circus comes to town. Follow along with this fascinating tale and thrill at all the CATfusion and kitty-cat fun.

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A Very Meowy Christmas

A Very Meowy Christmas – Book 38

Rags is at his meowy best in this touching holiday story.

The Ivey family and friends share the deepest meaning of Christmas while on a mountain vacation. The night before they’re scheduled to leave, Rags is injured in the line of police duty and Savannah decides to take him along on their trip to keep an eye on him. When ten-year-old Adam and his best buddy, Simon, inadvertently venture off on their own, there was no way their parents could know that they were on a humanitarian mission. They were lost to trained searchers and their dogs. Michael and Simon’s new parent, Peter, couldn’t find them. But Rochelle, Peter’s psychic wife had a vision that included Rags, and sure enough the cat helped lead the rescue team to the boys and a secret that stunned everyone.

While the spirit of Christmas flows throughout this story, it’s the touching gift-giving ritual the families share that will seriously touch you and maybe inspire you to open your heart a little wider this holiday season. This story is packed with suspense and a lot of kitty-cat action, along with some of the most heartwarming moments you’ll experience all year.

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Purrfectly Perilous Plot

A Purrfectly Perilous Plot – Book 39

The klepto cat takes center stage and works a little magic.

Rags is invited to help rehearse a murder. The community is shocked when fiction becomes a gruesome reality and a key feline witness goes missing. Leave it to Rags to uncover crucial clues that prevent this from being a perfect crime. Rags is on a roll when he performs on stage in San Francisco. He gets more snickers than rave reviews, but he’s applauded for pawing the culprit in a very real embezzlement scam. Without missing a beat, Rags goes on to help reform a troubled friend who’s about to become a terrorist and he helps save the spirit of a dear old man. A lovely cat’s life is saved as well, when the Iveys, with Rags’s blessings, adopt a special-needs cat.

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Meow and Forever

Meow and Forever – Book 40

Rags becomes a pawn in a most preposterous plot.

Savannah’s on high alert after someone threatens to take Rags. Every stranger becomes a suspect and every encounter causes more uncertainty. Meanwhile, Glori, the special-needs cat settles into the Ivey home nicely. In fact some of her characteristics cause interesting speculation. Could the sweet calico actually be related to Rags? You might have some ideas of your own once you get to know Glori.

Rags is oblivious to his stalker. He just continues being Rags. He puts a lot of energy into welcoming Glori into the family, with a few unexpected calamities. He helps Teddy celebrate his second birthday, and manages to steal the show. He also saves a little boy and is the catalyst that just might mean a better life for the child.

Behind the scenes, Savannah and Detective Craig Sledge work to expose the stalker, but time is running out. How much longer can they keep Rags safe? And what is Glori’s role in all of this?

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Cats of a Feather, Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 41

Cats of a Feather – Book 41

Rags joins the fascinating search for his feline family.

When Savannah partners with a cat-DNA specialist and launches out to find Rags’s fur-family, she doesn’t expect an adventure of a lifetime. Rags finds his own sister, he helps rescue his mother from deplorable conditions, and he has the opportunity to meet his unlikely sire. You’d better believe there are skeletons in Rags’s closet and he has a knack for exposing them. Be prepared to learn some of the heart-warming and heart-wrenching truths about Rags’s kittenhood and his ancestral pawprint.

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The Secret in the Whiskers

The Secret in the Whiskers – Book 42

Rags never tires of offering a helping paw.

In this gripping story, Rags is summoned to find a victim, who’s also a witness to a serious crime; he’s asked to locate a trio of missing cyclists; he stumbles across a lost child; and he still manages to keep an inheritance from landing in the wrong hands. This crafty cat has never been so bold and creative while righting the wrongs he encounters.


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Whiskerful Thinking, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 43

Whiskerful Thinking – Book 43

Rags claws his way out of some sticky situations.

A family-bonding camping trip soon turns frightful when Rags is accused of wrongdoing, then he’s taken under unusual circumstances. Was this to punish him or Savannah? In this story, the wily klepto cat also rescues a cat friend from certain death, helps recover a missing pooch, and happens across a very special cat who has lost her way. Amid the flurry of action and activity, little did Rags know that his cushy lifestyle was in serious jeopardy when an eccentric character comes forward to claim ownership of him. Even Savannah’s good friend Rochelle, the psychic, believes the perpetrator is of pure heart.


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Paws for Trouble

Paws for Trouble – Book 44

The klepto cat has his paws full.While the Iveys look forward to hosting a wedding and a family reunion, a sinister plot is in the works. If successful, it could change some of their lives forever. Their four-days of family fun is riddled with mishaps. Are these accidents or were they intentional? One thing’s for sure; Rags’s is doing his best to keep tragedy at bay. Everyone’s surprised when Rags paws the culprit, but there’s more to the story than even Rags knows. Someone else seems to be pulling the strings. Why? Does it have something to do with the sudden disappearance of a close neighbor? Follow along as Rags tries to untangle the web of treachery, deceit, and mayhem.

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LOve at First Purr, Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 45

Love at First Purr – Book 45

Rags is treated to some sweet surprises in this enchanting story.

It’s love at first purr when Savannah meets an adorable fur-being in a most unlikely setting. At the same time she encounters a lovely young girl named Gabby—both of whom enrich Savannah’s life enormously. With Rags’s help, Savannah nurtures the kitten with every intention of finding her the purr-fect forever home. They also mentor the girl, who’s excited to be an integral part of Savannah’s feral cat rescue team.

While the little tabby turns the Ivey household upside down in the most entertaining way, Gabby becomes involved in some of the Iveys’ family outings. You’ll delight in their amusing and even hilarious antics. Of course, the cats are a big part of it all.Meanwhile, Savannah’s mother, Gladys, learns that, not only has someone burglarized her storage unit, they’ve moved into it.This multi-faceted story has the charm you expect in the Klepto Cat Mysteries and the suspense you crave.

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Something to Meow About

Something to Meow About – Book 46

Rags dons his best rags for this delightful story.

A simple fund-raising idea explodes into fun and frivolity as cats are being asked to step outside their comfort zone and into some interesting costumes. The kitty-cat fashion parade is highly successful until a trust is breached. Who among the participants has their hand (or paw) in the till? Meanwhile an uninvited visitor shows up at the Iveys’ home and moves in with more baggage than anyone could have expected. It’s all humans and cats on deck for this high-maintenance guest.

Something to Meow About is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

Something to Meow About is available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Meowing in the Moonlight

Meowing in the Moonlight – Book 47

Rags is summoned to unravel an intense mystery.

Mystery nights at the Garbers’ lake-side mansion are all fun and games until reality sets in. The Garber siblings reveal a true family mystery and they hope Rags can help them resolve it. Their youngest sister is missing and has been for over two decades. When some of her personal belongings appear on their boat dock, everyone wonders, are these clues or a cruel hoax?

With Rags onboard, Savannah, Iris, and Margaret follow a suspicious character across the lake and find themselves in serious danger. Leave it to Rags to orchestrate their rescue, but he refuses to escape without the two cats he’d befriended. The suspense is intense as the truth remains elusive until a forest fairy and an unexpected turn of events expose the swindle and the swindler.

Meowing in the Moonlight is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

Meowing in the Moonlightis available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

A Whisker of Doubt. Klepto Cat ystery 48

A Whisker of Doubt – Book 48

It’s all cats on deck in order to solve a six-year-old crime.A guest at a surprise birthday party renews Detective Craig’s faith and enthusiasm for proving a dear relative’s innocence. Of course Savannah and Rags are called to action and they use unprecedented methods in their investigation with stunning results.
There’s a lot of fur-flying in this spirited story because the truth hinges on what the cats have to say.Meanwhile, Savannah is caught up in a lost-cat drama when she unknowingly returns the beautiful Himalayan they found to the wrong person. She and Rags shift into high gear in a desperate attempt to reunite the cat with the people who love him before it’s too late.

A Whisker of Doubt is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

A Whisker of Doubt is available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

In Purrsuit of the Unknown, Klepto Cat Mystery

In PURRsuit of the Unknown – Book 49

Rags is caught up in another vexing mystery.There’s something unsettling about the ranch Iris’s son Brett just bought, and he has summoned Rags and the Iveys to Colorado to help resolve the mystery. Detective Craig and Savannah’s psychic friend, Rochelle also get involved. They’re stumped as to whether the mystery is shrouded in Indian lore, the spirit world, or if they’re dealing with a creature leftover from prehistoric times.
The core of the mystery begins to unravel when Rags catches wind of the possible source. Rags causes angst as he follows his nose and his senses in search of clues. Along the way he makes some stunning discoveries and a few unlikely friends. Ultimately, Rags stumbles upon a victim, paws the culprit, and leads the march toward the startling truth. Rags’s signature side-stories include a rumble with a golf cart, a scheduled performance where Rags shows up wearing fur of a different color, and he teaches a mean-spirited woman and a doubting man lessons about cats that only Rags could convey.

In Purrsuit of the Unknown is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

In Purrsuit of the Unknown is available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

A Pawsome Encounter

A PAWsome Encounter  – Book 50

Rags joins some unusual friends for high adventure.What does a mountain lion, a cowboy, a lost cat, a therapy horse, and a chicken have in common with Rags? Enough to create one of the most exciting stories in the Klepto Cat Mystery series. The Ivey family has four more days at the dude ranch in Colorado.

While relaxing was their goal, circumstances tip the scales in a whole different direction. Rags’s risks his life to save a chicken. He also helps to reunite a beloved cat with his family, thwarts an attempted kitten-napping, diagnoses a deadly condition threatening a treasured therapy horse, and connects in mysterious ways with a dangerous wild animal. This is edge-of-your-seat reading as Rags breaks all the rules in order to follow his instincts—or is he just being naughty?

A PAWsome Encounter is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

A PAWsome Encounter is available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Calico Calamities, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 51

Calico Calamities  – Book 51

Rags meets his match in a pert and sassy calico.

The stunning, savvy, and colorful Olivia visits the Iveys and quickly teams up with Rags in some fascinating and gripping catscapades. Together the feline duo paw the unlikely culprit in a troubling theft. They save an injured cat at a rescue shelter, and they expose a well-kept personal family secret. Ultimately, sparks fly and minds are changed when Rags and Olivia show their tough stuff and enlighten a group of misinformed protesters about the reality of intuitive and discerning cats.

Calico Calamities is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

Calico Calamities is available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

A Whisker Away, A Klepto Cat Mystery, Book 52

A Whisker Away  – Book 52

Rags leads the charge against a dangerous assailant.

Savannah and Rochelle are abducted and held hostage. The only eye witnesses wear fur and do not have a voice, but Rags finds a way to tell the story and uncover the clues that lead to the women’s rescue. Their nightmare isn’t over yet, however, as the mad man escapes capture, and his craving for vengeance intensifies. As it turns out, he’s no match for Rags, as the wily cat shifts into high gear to save his family and friends in, perhaps, his most daring heroic act yet.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Rags Gets the Upper Paw

Rags Gets the Upper Paw  – Book 53

Fur and feathers fly in this frolicking spree against evil.

Rags teams up with a parrot named Clayton in an attempt to stop a crime against a vulnerable group. The pair is also responsible for digging up a fortune, and teaching two teens a lesson they won’t soon forget. In this story, Rags saves a dog and a colony of cats from certain death. He rescues Savannah’s friend, Shelly twice, and he gives a stranger a gift of a lifetime.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Claw and Order

Claw and Order  – Book 54

Rags claws his way into and out of trouble.

Five-year-old Lily starts school and Rags becomes obsessed with the classroom and the students—especially one little boy named Eli. Eli’s existence seems to be enshrouded in a deep mystery, and Rags makes it his mission to expose the family’s dark secret. Will this put the boy in danger?

Savannah does her best to keep Rags occupied and away from the school and the boy. She takes Rags on a trail ride and is aghast when he discovers a body. The authorities are stymied as to the cause of death. Leave it to Rags to uncover the shocking truth, which lets one prime suspect off the hook and possibly jeopardizes the freedom of another.

This is a fast-moving story with many surprises along the way and, a heart-warming ending for Eli.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Rags Lends a Helping Paw

Rags Lends a Helping Paw  – Book 55

Rags leads the charge against mayhem and crime. In this story Rags helps locate and rehabilitate Detective Craig’s troubled stepson, but not without some missteps and mishaps. The detective, Savannah, and her psychic friend, Rochelle travel to Arizona to find Chris and try to help him. Along the way Rags takes charge in an attempted assault, he saves Rochelle from a cruel magician’s prank, and he rescues vulnerable cats under difficult circumstances. Expect the unexpected in this lively and touching tale.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Rags to the Rescue Cover

Rags to the Rescue  – Book 56

Rags works his feline magic and demonstrates his prowess.
A fan goes berserk and Rags surprises everyone with his unusual and most timely reaction. He saves a drowning child, alerts rescuers when a cat friend is in serious trouble, identifies a man who’s up to no good, returns a treasured pup to his family, and uncovers a spirited secret in the walls of a friend’s mansion. This story is a page-turner and a heart-warmer.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Meow Me a Riddle, A KLeoto Cat Mystery

Meow Me A Riddle  – Book 57

Rags reveals a ghastly decades-old secret.

This is a story of lost hope and recovery. Rags reveals more than skeletons in the closet of a century-old mansion. He saves human and feline lives that have been interrupted in the most horrifying way. He finds the key to healing a broken family, and he even rescues a nest of birds after a thoughtless act. This story will delight and excite you. You’ll gasp, you’ll laugh, and you’ll marvel at the wonders of the cat.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Paws for CATastrophe, Book 58

Paws for CATastrophe  – Book 58

Rags has his paws full.

There’s a new cat hoarder in town using a sinister twist with the cats he collects. After watching Rags perform a dangerous act of valor, the cat hoarder wants to add this amazing cat to his collection, and he goes to extremes to get his hands on Rags. Will the tables turn in Rags’s favor before any more felines or humans are harmed?

Meanwhile the Iveys’ housekeeper and dear friend finds herself in deep trouble, and Detective Sledge summons Rags in hopes that he can uncover the clues that will set her free.

Even amidst the chaos the Iveys, along with Michael’s brother and his family, are vacationing together with Rags, of course, keeping things lively. If you’re ready for a relaxing read with just enough excitement to keep you turning the pages, this may be the book for you.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Purrs or Consequences, Book 50

Purrs or Consequences  – Book 59

Rags’s intuition reaches new levels.

While the Ivey family finishes off the summer with some exciting projects for a group of children, their friend Iris seems to have fallen victim to something darkly mysterious. Of course, Rags is involved in the fun and games, as well as the daunting mystery. He also uncovers a missing letter that could change someone’s life. He locates a beloved missing pet and helps rescue an injured dog. He even helps a group of children capture some escaped exotic birds. But his greatest contribution in this story is when his instincts kick in just in time to prevent a major tragedy among his human friends.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Rags Rocks Christmas

Rags Rocks Christmas – Book 60

Rags helps solve a mystery for a Christmas to remember. It’s Christmastime and the Iveys adopt a hardworking family that seems to need a lot of help. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon hoping to fill this family with holiday cheer, but only Rags knows the secret that holds the young family hostage in a most alarming way. When the family loses their home the Iveys take them in, will their best-laid holiday plans become lost in the shuffle? It’s a wild ride for everyone, but in the end, Rags and the children show the way to the true meaning of Christmas. This story will touch your heartstrings and fill you with holiday spirit.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Meow Me A Murder

Meow Me A Murder  – Book 61

Rags confronts a serial killer.

Savannah and Rags go on the road to promote her books. Little does Savannah know there’s a murderer running rampant in the big city until Rags disappears. The cat returns with clues and evidence, but what do they mean? Answers come from the most unexpected sources and the hunt is on for the killer with Rags leading the charge. Will they find the latest victim in time? How will they stop the killer—someone who is known only to the cat? In this story, Rags also rescues an infant, saves some at-risk wild animals, and helps a friend re-discover himself.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Catch Meow If You Can

Catch Meow If You Can  – Book 62

Rags helps solve a neighborhood mystery.Neighbors are missing things and Rags is being accused. But who or what is leaving valuable items on random porches? Even local sheriff’s deputies are stymied. Meanwhile, the Iveys and Rags rush to save a sweet neighborhood cat and an abused dog that have been callously injured, and Margaret uses Rags to convict a woman she knows to be back in the business of exploiting innocent cats. This story features some humorous and some touching moments that Rags’s fans won’t want to miss.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.

Rags Shutters a Crime, A Klepto Ca Mystery Book 63

Rags Shutters a Crime  – Book 63

Rags puts his best paw forward in this lively story.

Rags is sought after as a spokes-cat for commercials, but his modeling career is short-lived when it’s interrupted by murder and mayhem. In this story, the wily cat helps solve the mystery of a flooded cat colony, he brings two forgotten kittens together in the sweetest way, and he discovers the identity of a tortured victim. As his finale, he leads authorities to a killer who has slipped through the cracks too many times, but not before the monster lures Savannah and her aunt, Margaret, into his den and almost snuffs out their lives.

This book is available now at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback format.

This book is available now as a paperback in the Matilija Press store.