1. What is a cat colony?
  2. What is a feral cat?
  3. How long does it take to become a veterinarian?
  4. Why is it important to care for homeless cats?
  5. Cats know how to hunt. Can’t they take care of themselves?
  6. What are some tips for traveling with a cat?
  7. How is a cat colony managed?
  8. What is TNR?
  9. Are there techniques for successful TNR?
  10. Where do feral cats come from?
  11. Can feral cats be tamed?
  12. What is a cat likely to do all day outside by herself?
  13. What can cause someone to have no fingerprints?
  14. What’s the procedure for dislodging an object that’s stuck in a cat’s throat?
  15. Why do people get involved with feral cat colonies?
  16. What really goes on in a cat hoarding situation?
  17. Are cats intuitive?
  18. How are cats likely to use their instincts?
  19. What are some of the most unusual characteristics in cats?
  20. How can a cat help in a rescue situation?
  21. How does one retrace the steps of a cat who’s on the prowl?
  22. Is there such a thing as a kepto cat?
  23. What are some unusual methods crime investigators might use animals?
  24. Can a cat be useful as a therapy pet?
  25. What are some of the ways a cat can be used as a therapy pet?
  26. Can you train a cat to a harness and leash?
  27. What are some important ways anyone can help homeless cats?
  28. Why do so many people discourage indiscriminate breeding in cats?
  29. Can a cat sense when someone dislikes them?
  30. Is milk good for all cats?
  31. Do all cats have the same traits and characteristics?
  32. What’s the best way for a cat to ride on the back of a horse?
  33. Cats seem to read our thoughts. How do they do that?
  34. What inspires friendship between animals-a cat and a horse, for example?
  35. Are there local and state ordinances related to cats?
  36. What are some of the outdoor dangers for cats?
  37. What is the procedure for a feral cat once it has been trapped?
  38. What sort of traps are used for cats?
  39. What’s the difference between a crow and a raven?
  40. What are some of the warning signs that your cat is sick?
  41. Why are cats sometimes associated with witchcraft?
  42. Can a cat climb a ladder?
  43. What are some of the ways a cat perceives the world around him?
  44. Are all cat toys safe for all cats?
  45. What is the best way to play with a kitten?
  46. What are some of the indoor dangers for cats and kittens?
  47. Do all cats hate getting wet?
  48. Are a cat’s paw pads made for walking great distances?
  49. What are some of the many ways a curious cat can get into trouble?
  50. What about unusual breeds of cats and their interesting characteristics?
  51. What’s the safest way to travel with a cat by car?
  52. What’s a klepto cat’s stash?
  53. Can a cat communicate his approval or dislike for another animal or a person?
  54. Is there such a thing as a cat’s memoir?
  55. How does a cat participate in a book signing?
  56. What are some of the methods cats use to get your attention?
  57. How does a klepto cat (or cat burglar) operate?
  58. Where can I find a good recipe for a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich?
  59. Why do horses stand out in the rain?
  60. How do horses deal with the wind?
  61. What’s the best snack for a horse?
  62. How important is creativity to the human being?
  63. Can animal blood be distinguished from human blood?
  64. What type of behavior can you expect from a cat who’s away from home?
  65. Is chocolate good for a cat?
  66. What’s included in a fertility diet for a human?
  67. How can you keep your cat safe out of doors?
  68. What are some keen outdoor “catio” ideas?
  69. How is a cat colony managed?
  70. How does a cat rescue shelter operate?
  71. What are some of the elements of a good relationship?
  72. Are there things a pregnant woman should not eat?
  73. What are some of the emergencies a veterinarian might encounter?
  74. Why would someone steal a horse or a cat?
  75. Is Patricia Fry a good storyteller-writer?
  76. What’s the best way to change your situation?
  77. How to socialize a cat or kitten.
  78. Unknown facts about homeless cats.
  79. Not all cats are the same.
  80. How cats differ in behavior, trust issues, and more.
  81. Successful relationship tips.
  82. Kindness to one another.
  83. Respect for one another.
  84. How to have a productive and meaningful discussion.
  85. Friendship skills.
  86. Scientific facts.
  87. Historical facts.
  88. Folklore.
  89. What is whisker stress and why is it important?
  90. How do cats get chin acne and one simple way to cure it?
  91. Which human foods are bad for cats?
  92. Why is it important to spay or neuter your cats at a young age?
  93. What are some of the various types and colors of cats?”
  94. How do cats differ in personality?
  95. The various degrees of care we, as humans, provide for our cats.
  96. How many different ways you can use cat terms in book titles.
  97. Gentle and loving parenting tips.
  98. What cats are actually capable of.
  99. How to survive a misbehaving cat.
  100. Cats have feelings, too!!